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Press and Partnership Enquiries

At Yonder, we're passionate about connecting with individuals and businesses who share our love for enhancing the dog walking experience. Whether you're a member of the press, a potential partner interested in collaborations, or someone looking to join forces for exciting competitions, you're in the right place!

Press Enquiries

Are you a journalist, blogger, or media professional intrigued by Yonder's unique approach to dog walking accessories? We'd love to share our story, products, and insights with you. For all press-related inquiries and media requests, please reach out to us at media@yonder.dog.

Partnership Collaborations

Yonder believes in the power of partnerships to create innovative, meaningful, and mutually beneficial opportunities. If you're a business, brand, or organisation that aligns with our vision and wants to explore exciting partnership collaborations, we're eager to hear from you. Whether it's joint product ventures, co-branded initiatives, or other creative projects, let's work together to bring new dimensions to the dog walking world. Connect with us at partnerships@yonder.dog to start a conversation about the incredible possibilities.

Competition Collaborations

Are you an event organiser, or entity interested in hosting captivating competitions that revolve around dog walking, accessories, and joyful experiences? Yonder is open to engaging competition collaborations that celebrate the bond between dogs and their owners. We're ready to contribute prizes, insights, and support to make your competition a standout success. Drop us a line at partnerships@yonder.dog and let's explore the exciting ways we can make a positive impact together.

Get in Touch

Whether you're a member of the press, a potential partner, or a creative mind with competition ideas, we're thrilled to connect with you. Reach out to us via the following channels:

Press Enquiries: media@yonder.dog
Partnership Enquiries: partnerships@yonder.dog

Let's collaborate, create, and make the world of dog walking even more joyful and inspiring. Yonder looks forward to embarking on exciting journeys with you!