Yonder Dog

Doing Our Bit


We love our planet and want to be a part of its future. So we have worked hard to make sure Yonder is as considerate of the planet as possible.

Yonder's products are designed with two key sustainability aspects in mind, longevity and recyclability.

When we got our whippet, Wally, we didn't realise how much dog stuff we would go through - and we're not just talking obvious things like food, treats and poo bags. Easily soiled, stained and discoloured dog gear like collars, leads, toys and beds seemed to be the norm.

So we're here to share our vision for something more robust and longer lasting without sacrificing the look and feel of something that should make you feel good using every day.



All our orders are sent in compostable or recyclable packaging. Here's the best way to dispose of our current packaging:

Cornstarch ziplock or cardboard satchel: Compost or bin
Cornstarch packing peanuts: Dissolve in the sink by running hot water on them
Shipping box: Recycle


Yonder might be a new business, but just like in our personal lives, we understand the cumulative power of everyone doing their bit. That's why we're already started on the road to becoming fully carbon neutral! We're in talks with a leading carbon neutral institute to work through what is needed to make it happen and we're super excited about it. Yonder becoming carbon neutral - more on this to come!


Giving Back

Giving back to the community is a super important part what Yonder is here to do. Positive Poo marks the first stage for this, with more to come! Check out our Positive Poo bags that are around for a good time, not a long time.


Real Talk

At Yonder, we don't claim to be perfect, yet, but we do claim to have our heads and our hearts focussed on getting there.

As Yonder grows, so will our contributions. We're passionate about being more and doing more. There is a special energy tied to a glass half full mentality and we're excited to share more with you as we progress. Onwards and upwards!